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Text Rewrite API

Text Rewrite API

Text rewriting plugin for Wordpress autoblogs

Using this module you can create and use plugins for your sites to pull new texts or rewrite existing pages to prevent penalties for duplicated content.

ATTENTION! API is free at the moment - but it may become paid-only function if/then pressure of requests produced by free accounts will be dangerously high.

Text rewriting API work with POST method. For POST request URL is same as for this page. API has certain limits: it's available only for registered users with limited amount of requests per day depending on membership plan.

If you have any suggestions or questions or need instructions for implementation on your site - contact us.


There is plugin for automated text rewriting for WordPress.


API URL is (same as this page).

API access data - there you can see requests made with using your username (authorization required):

Required Parameters

API works with POST parameters only. GET parameters are ignored.

  • username - your login for this site (update 1.1: username, password are now optional - but you'll face limit for anonymous users based on IP address);
  • pass - your password;
  • text - text to rewrite - or numeric article ID or search term for article mode (see below).
System will not work without correct username and password combination and will output 401 HTTP status code. If user doesn't have access to API there will be 403 (forbidden) status code (in case if daily/monthly limit exceeded).

By default system will use all available synonyms sets - your own, your workgroup, human-defined and common set. Also system will not shuffle sentences and paragraphs without special command (see below).

Example of request (POST method) for rewriting texts:

Optional Parameters

  • words_keep - list of words (space separated) to keep in final variant if empty - your set from database will be used - it's being saved every time then you use Synonymizer facilty);
  • words_force - list of words (space separated) to force replace then possible;
  • shuffle_sentences - sentences will be shuffled - may be either 1 or empty;
  • shuffle_paragraphs - paragraphs will be used - may be either 1 or empty;
  • no_my - your synonym set will not be used - may be either 1 or empty;
  • no_workgroup - your workgroups synonym set will not be used - may be either 1 or empty;
  • no_human - synonym set, defined by users, will not be used - may be either 1 or empty;
  • no_common - common synonyms set will not be used - may be either 1 or empty;
  • clean_tags - HTML tags will be removed from text - may be either 1 or empty;
  • add_tags - paragraph (p) and line break (br) tags will be added to text - may be either 1 or empty;
  • mode - either 
    • rewrite - default mode - rewrites your text text with synonyms;
    • uniquefy - rewrites random letters as special (readable) symbols making text unique;
    • spin - creates random article from your spin-ready text (read more);
    • article - output rewritten article from library (in this case text parameter work as search term or article ID in library) - possible rewrite methods are spin, rewriting and uniquefy;
  • output - works only with "article" mode - may be either empty (default - plain text) or xml - XML file with text, article title (if applicable), tags, author.

Article Mode

  • text parameter may contain search term (example: text=real estate) or ID of article (example: text=123) from library;
  • output - parameter may be either plain or xml (default) - output XML file (example) with text, article title (if applicable), tags, author - or just small file with error code and error description (example);
  • article mode use same parameters as synonymize mode to operate synonyms sets;
  • you can rewrite or spin your article placed in directory multiple times (if article marked as "spin-ready" it will be spinned);
  • you can use uniquefier facility/mode to rewrite articles withing API - use &mode=uniquefy parameter;
  • each "article" request cost 5 tokens.

Example of request (POST) string for article mode:
&username=your-login&pass=your-password&mode=article&output=xml&text=search+term (XML output)
&username=your-login&pass=your-password&mode=article&text=search+term (text output)

Output Status (errors)

  • if everything is fine - you'll have rewritten article in plain text format - 200 status code;
  • empty text or wrong parameter for it - 400 status code;
  • wrong/invalid username/password combination - 401 status code;
  • user valid but doesn't have access to API (monthly/daily API requests limit exausted) - 403 status code;
  • 404 code - API URL changed or access for free users forbidden.

Price per Request - Daily Tokens*

  • synonymize (rewriting) and spin (article spin) modes - 1 token;
  • article request mode - 5 tokens;
  • if something wrong with your text - it's empty or too short (error status code output - see above) tokens will be substracted anyway;
  • if there is not enough tokens to perform request - there will be 403 status code output - just wait for few hours till your daily tokens will be re-filled.

Tokens used to limit amount of daily requests to server (to prevent overloading of the system) and being substracted from your account even if request from your system was wrong or empty. In simple words - if your site "tried" to rewrite 20 texts with empty or short parameter "text" or your texts wasn't rewritten (wrong language) - 20 tokens will be substracted.

* In simple words - if your plan has daily limit of 100 tokens you can try to rewrite 100 texts using "spinner" or "rewrite" modes or to get 20 "ready-to-use" rewritten articles using "article" mode and search term.

Text Length Limit

This API cannot work with endless texts - there are certain limits: 5.000 symbols for premium users, 2.000 symbols for registered users (HTML code and spaces included), 1000 symbols for anonymous users without registrations. If your article is longer than that - it will be trimmed and  HTML code may be damaged.

If you have any suggestions or questions or need instructions for implementation on your site - contact us.

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