Text rewriting plugin for Wordpress autoblogs

1897237 rewritten articles and counting! Get Wordpress posts rewriting plugin or research our text rewriting API.

1) to use this service
a) register;
b) login;
c) get premium status.

2) get texts for your site using
a) rewriter & spinner;
c) uniquifier;
d) article directory;
d) all-in-one API;
e) WordPress plugin.

3) full control of quality:
a) your own synonyms;
b) themed thesauri;
b) workgroup.

Complete Web Content Solution

This system provide unique web content for your auto-blogs or sites using various tools and API to automate your business: rewritten articles, text rewriting tool, article spinner (and even our unique "pre-spinner"). Most interesting part: you can try every tool for free!

Unique Articles Generator

Articles generator combines arcticle library with Synonymizer: you can get absolutely unique text in just few clicks (or instantly - via API). Using 100.000+ articles directory you can get as many unique texts as you want. Use your own synonyms sets for better quality.

Rewriter and Article Spinner

Text rewriter tool use sets of synonyms defined by you, your workgroup and other users: quality becomes better over time then more people use this tool! Article spinner may turn texts with special formatting into multiple unique articles (or text files).

Content API

This service allows you to rewrite and produce unique web content for your sites using API - automatically. It may work with Wordpress, Joomla and other web content management systems to rewrite texts imported from RSS feeds and article directories. Perfect for auto blogs.

Content is Money

Writing cost from $5 to $50 per article. If you don't have lot of time and money to spend on texts - this service is the solution: it can rewrite your texts and re-generate articles into unique content in seconds - for pennies.
Saved money - earned money.

Human-Powered Rewriting

There are 250.000 common synonyms in database but system "prefer" to use words defined by you, your workgroup and other people: texts quality becomes better with time when more people define synonyms. You can define your own synonyms sets after registration and login.

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